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We are providing India’s most affordable course in just Rs 99 in which we will cover Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship from Scratch how you can build your startup till launch. These classes are taught by specialized experts from various premium colleges and specialized experts from Market who have achieved great success in their startup. 

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Start Up Fundamental

In a Startup Fundamental Course one needs to know a few simple basics to make your startup successful. There are some basic principles like why you have built this company and where you want to reach, how you will sell, what will be your USP, what’s your vision and mission etc.


We know that there is no specific education or degree in Entrepreneurship but these days some of the communities like Karostartup have taken initiative to make people aware about entrepreneurship. What do’s and don’t when you start your business through courses and one to one sessions we are making people do right things in their startups.

Product Development

Complete process of delivering MVP and Business Engineering, new product development covers the complete process of bringing a new product to market, reviewing an existing product experiment in market. We need to hire good developers in the market to build a good market fit profit. Keep Maintaining the quality of product by updating new features and giving best services to your customers.


Whenever you are building any product you need to build the first proof of concept, and do experiments and take feedback from people. You don’t need to invest your whole savings to build MVP because it’s totally experimental there could be a 60% possibility it won’t work. Sometimes some entrepreneurs build the kind of product which is not needed in the market.


Fund Raising

Fundraising is one of the important parts when you expand or if you want to scale and reach out to the maximum no. of people. Entrepreneurs can build great networks, can connect Angel

Fundamental of Entrepreneurship

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